Gain network-wide visibility
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Cortex XDR detects targeted attacks, insider abuse and malware by applying AI and machine learning to rich security data. Your analysts can rapidly confirm threats by reviewing actionable alerts with investigative context and, through tight integration with enforcement points, block threats before the damage is done.
Blind spots increase the risk of attacks
Visibility gaps Organizations often overlook internal network traffic and unmanaged devices
Inaccurate, incomplete alerts On-premises security with static rules can’t continually evolve, leading to false positives
Siloed security Teams spend time managing endless appliances and integrating data instead of fighting attacks
It’s time for smart, agile detection and response
To thwart adversaries, you must outpace them and learn from their exploits. Cloud-based analytics and machine learning are the weapons that give you an edge. With Cortex XDR™, you get the visibility and scale you need to repel attacks. You can automatically identify threats with machine learning and contain them quickly with actionable alerts and flexible response options. Keep your organization free of adversaries and safeguard your users – and your data – with Cortex XDR.
Network traffic analysis is a stepping stone to XDR
AI-powered detection Uncover the actions attackers cannot conceal with behavioral analytics
Accelerated investigations Understand the endpoint details of network alerts with the Cortex XDR agent or agentless endpoint analysis
Immediate threat containment Coordinate response across network, endpoint and cloud enforcement points
Forrester® MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Guide
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Automatically detect attacks with machine learning and comprehensive data
Avoid alert fatigue by receiving a small number of accurate, actionable alerts
Simplify analysis with endpoint context from Pathfinder or the Cortex XDR agent
Use your firewalls as network sensors and avoid new appliances
Gain cloud scale and agility with Cortex™ Data Lake
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